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hello guys, I have a questions for you..........I´m building my JP, and I have see, in some toys (as the 12" boba) and in some scrath JP, a couple of bottons in the left of the exhaust port...........there are two bottons with a square form...........I guess only in the ESB version...............someone know or have a pic of this?
Are you talking about this?

Not my pic, dont know where I got it from but im sure I got it from here someplace.

the two squares with a circle in the middle are , to me anyway, originally either an xlr input or output jack for a microphone. well, the circles are. Looks to be some sort of older desk or wall mounted XLR pieces. I am unsure of the rest.


xlr cable


xlr cable again


and yet again


with a mic plugged in
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sorry I don`t response before, here in Spain was very late!!!!!(03:00)..........
ok, the bottons are these, sorry for the bad definition and the tinny pic, but I think it´s good enough to see what I saying..........thanks!!!!

Imagen 021a.JPG
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Hmmm. Looking at that photo at the top:


That first knob on the left is a potentiometer. The 2nd and 3rd, no clue without a better image. Anyone? 4&5 are XLR.

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yes, maybe this was only something to "fill up" the JP (in the 12" doll, I mean....I don´t need to remenber that in all this kind of toys the acuracity is something that sometimes don´t show.................will try with a potentimeter......and the 2 and 3 image, look like a rca conector to me...don´t you think?
thanks again...
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