Joey's ESB Build

So I use an airbrush, which allows for better control over the rattle cans. In fact, I used an airbrush for pretty much my entire Fett. The knee darts painting scheme (Red and Black) seems the same as the ROTJ version. I simply used masking tape and taped off everything except the exposed metal on the knee darts. It was actually pretty quick to do.
I’m using an airbrush as well for everything for the same reason. What kind of paint did you use? I’m using enamel paints for pretty much everything but I’m not sure if they’ll grab onto the aluminum as I need it to. Any kind of specific paint recommendation?
For mine I simply used the following Vallejo paints...

I also mixed the Vallejo paints with...

...this allows for it to be at a good consistency to be shot out of the airbrush.

I gave the paint 24 hours to cure then followed up with this....

....and two years later, no issue.

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It should be pretty easy to mask with some tape, at least for me. It should just wrap around no problem. Maybe scuff it up a little with some sandpaper so the primer bonds better before you paint
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