Jodo`s New grey ammo belt!!!

Jodo Kast 3

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Ok everyone,

I just got my new Grey leather belt and ammo pouches from RA and they are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! He custom made it to my specs, using the grey leather instead of the brown and it turned out incredibly sweet!!!!!


The reference pic:

and the few pics I snapped:



These pics cannot describe how excellent this belt really is. Stay tuned for more updates. I have a whole box of painted accessories that are now DONE and ready to be captured on film!!!

Aww man! That's a VERY nice belt there bro. RA has outdone himself again! I love being able to see the seams on the pouches. I wish mine were that visable, but hey, it'll do :) Great job JK3! I can't wait to see pics of the rest of your stuff!
<image src=>

Damm dude! Your armor is almost complete. you have 2 and a half months.

Very nice indeed.
Looking great Jodo! I know you've been working a long time on this suit, and I'm sure you're dedication will result in a great looking outfit!!

You have a costume??????

Kidding, buddy. Looks very cool. Good work on getting the custom thing from him.

That glow you see is the light at the end of the tunnel. You are oh-so-close, now. Fantastic.
<font color="FF33FF">Pretty soon we won't be able to tease Jodo about not having (or getting) his costume done! :p

Looking good! :)
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