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I was thinking of making the back of my Jodo helmet the same colour as the upper part of the cheeks - (the darker bits) -. Have any other Jodo's done this, or is it generally regarded as being the same colour as the dome??
You are totally free to customize it.
As you can see in this pic, the back looks the smae as the dome.

However, if you took this ref. pic literally, the band around the top would be green as well but the majority of pics show it to be orange.

The color guy was a lazy bastardio!
yeah, I noticed that......infact the "killmarks" on the helmet are just outlines. I was gonna go with orange or red. Not quite sure which one yet
I was going to go with a darker color on the back of my helmet but it just didn't look right to me, instead I just gave it a darker wash.
I made ours a lighter shade of green. The dome and lower cheeks were camo green while the back was hunter green. Over all we used 3 different shades on the helmet with crimson kill marks and keyholes. (I actually like orange key holes better now though)
VERRRRY "noice"....Is that back colour almost a "bluey/green"??

I know it's not pictured in the comics, but I was toying wth the idea of 2 black pinstripes -(ah-la Jango's helmet)- running around the top.
I reckon it'd look pretty gnarly :)
well, it's alllllllll painted chrome at the moment...with a dab of mustard here and there...

(Mmmmmmmmmmm.............mustard) ;)
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