Jetpack Greeblie?


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Hello Fellow Fett's,
I was poking through the TDH site like any ole Friday morning and you know all those Ad's that we love to hate? (Except for those select few "Paid" RPF Members) Well, I stubled across a familiar thing in an ad and wondered if it is a found part? That part is....
A Jet Pack Greeblie.jpg

To me that looks suspiciously like this....a part that machine craft sells for the jetpacks.....
MCR - Jetpack Thruster Greeblies.jpg

Anyone care to comment? I clicked on it and got to this page...
Jetpack Greeblie.jpg

Anyway, I just found that most curious.

Have a great Friday everyone!



Hi I’m Bobert!
Looks very close. The biggest difference I see is that the ones used on the jet packs are completely smooth on the side and in the middle.


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Why not the other way? The company/designer who did the first pressure sensor was a huge Boba Fett fan and took the design from the jetpack.

Great catch, Iron! This happens after you look at hundred or thousand of reference images and see Boba Fett parts everywhere. It's a curse!