Jetpack Fan System


So for a while now I've been trying to organize my costume with all the electronics I have. I don't like craming all the battery packs in all the pockets. It's gets heavy and wanted to arrange things better for a more pleasurable time wearing my costume. I have a complete fan system in my helmet that I made. It consists of 2x 12v fans, a switch inside the helmet, a quick disconnect at the helmet and a 12v battery pack that has the other quick disconnect. Here is the link to those interested in my kits:

For Sale - Fan Systems Ongoing Run

I usually would place the battery pack in my pocket but I wanted to distribute it better. So I came up with an over the top way to make things work. Also cause I'm a nerd and thought it would look cool.

I decided I was going to put the battery pack inside the Jetpack. It doesn't add that much weight to it so I wasn't concerned about that. I then found online some cool USB through ports (similar to XLR ports). I thought this would not only look cool but be functional. So I installed one into the base of my pack.

I measured the diameter of the port to ensure I cut the correct size hole. It was between 2 sizes so I went with the smaller one and used a dremel to file down the port until it fit snug. I traced the hole out and drilled it using a Forstner bit. Once it was a snug fit I added in the screws and nuts to the inside.

IMG_6634.JPG IMG_6635.JPG IMG_6636.JPG IMG_6637.JPG IMG_6638.JPG IMG_6640.JPG IMG_6641.JPG IMG_6642.JPG

I then took my 12v battery pack and wired up a USB type B port to the end. This will connect into the port on the inside of my pack. I attached velcro and stuck it down to the vent on the bottom of the Jetpack.

IMG_6643.JPG IMG_6644.JPG

I then took a USB to Barrel connection and gave it a test run. It worked great but needed to modify the USB port. I bought a right angle USB adapter and spliced that port with my barrel connection. This way I'm able to use my scuba frame without it hitting the USB port. I did slightly bow the bar to clear the USB port and it did the job. No snags what's so ever.

IMG_6646.JPG IMG_6737.JPG IMG_6738.JPG IMG_6739.JPG IMG_6740.JPG

And that's it. I can now run the power from my Jetpack to my helmet without any problems. And it kinda looks cool. :cool:

Hope this was a fun post for some. I had fun making it.
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