Jetpack Air Duster Smoke machine


New Hunter
Hello everyone! In my plans to make Boba Fett's Mandalorian season 2 repainted armor costume I was researching different smoke and flamethrower effects for the suit. CO2 is just a little too dangerous for me to learn how to use, Vape pen based smoke machines have smoke that Lingers which isn't quite what I am looking for and in conclusion I came down to a system using an Air Duster can placed upside down that is activated with a small Arduino based Servo motor for a quick blast of air. I've seen the system made my WanesWorkshop but I am trying to save money where I can, and learn how to make the system myself for other costumes and projects. I've only seen one Youtube video with a makeshift cardboard, hydraulic button system which gave me the rough idea on how my system would work.

To anyone who's made an Air Duster system like the one I described above, how'd you do it? Pictures help tremendously!!