Jet Pack placement on back


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Jetpack placement on back

My harness system seems to be pretty inefficient. It consists of a wrap around belt with buckle (similar to the actual buckle) with suspenders that go over my shoulders and connect to the jet pack via black snap things. This seemed like it would work fine originally, but after a day of conning last year, my back was torn up. There is way to much stress placed on the shoulders and upper back, while the bottom of the back rests on my butt and scrapes my back. Do you guys have an attachment at the bottom of your back to the belt of the harness? There has to be some way to even out the weight.
I purchased this harness system from RA
as you can see by the photo, he had placed a hook bar at the back of the waist belt. He also made my JP so it has a metal lip that sticks out of the bottom,the lip slips into the hook. the weight dist. is perfect, maybe contact him and see what he suggests
good luck


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Here's an idea that I was going to use for mine so the jet pack had a kinda shelf to rest on. I bought two metal L shaped bars at the hardware store and used velcro to attach one end down behind my braided belt. I then put velcro on the other part of it and on the bottom of the jet pack so the jet pack would rest on the two bars.
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i dont use an arnes to atach my jet pack
i just hook the JP to the backplate on the holes and the JP its very secure there, but after a few hours the problem start, why, because remember you are wearing a suit without much ventilation, so you start to get tired, i think the problem is common, but if you can make your JP more light start to trim parts or replace anothers the heviest :D

check this pics, i take this in the wip status of my actual suit :D

...and sorry for the bad quality :eek:
<img src=>
<img src=>
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That's a cool idea Secol. I've never seen that done. I'd love to make my pack hold like that. The problem is, that my pack is a 10 lb fiberglass pack. :D
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Blastech wrote:

That's a cool idea Secol. I've never seen that done. I'd love to make my pack hold like that. The problem is, that my pack is a 10 lb fiberglass pack. :D
you need a vacummformed or a cardboard pack ... yup :)
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Secol, even though it's a good idea, unfortunately I made my JP with the old "do-it-yourself" guide from the Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy website, and my JP is fiberglass as well...I think it weights a good 20lbs probably. :( I just made it with the aid of a harness systen.

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I put a padded back on my harnesses to help keep the JP from digging in.

You could try to line your backplate with some foam & that should help to keep your back from getting sore. You could also get some pads to attach to your existing shoulder straps to make that area more comfortable.
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I used a sheet of Sintra and created a 'Y' piece, where the top points go over the shoulder, and are connected directly to the male clips. I used a heatgun to soften the plastic enough to form to my torso (be very careful).

In the bottom of the 'Y', I ran a 2" web belt through the middle. I placed a third clip on the back of the belt; it attaches to a clip at the bottom of the jet pack.

When I wear this design, the weight is evenly distributed across my abdomen, just like the strap on a regular backpack. And since the top straps are connected directly to the clips, there's no extra movement (swaying from side to side as with regular web clips).

I have worn this same harness for over 4 years at different events and it has never cracked, bent or broken. I can even jump up and down...if I really wanted to...
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I have some pics at home, I'll try to scan tonight. In the meantime (while I'm goofing off at work), I'll try to get a diagram up.
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I am almost finished my MB pack and it is pretty heavy. I'd love to hear what type of harness those of you with heavier JP have used.

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I made this from 1/8" Sintra. I'll try to post pictures and dimensions tonight.

I used 1.5" clips for the top straps and a 2" clip for the bottom one. (total of 3). The female clips are BOLTED onto the back of the jet pack. The male clips are carefully worked onto the heatgun-softened straps. I have used this harness for over 4 years, average about ten eight-hour gigs a year, and it has never needed replacement or adjustment.

And here she be:

I hope that makes a little more sense...sorry for the big file.
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A few more notes...


Using this harness, my pack does not sway side-to-side when I walk, as I've seen some others do. It also does not 'ride down' over the course of the day. I'm not sure how much my pack weighs (I'll check tonight), but it's a MB mk1 (1998, styrene and resin), with a PVC core and hollow (no foam) interior.

I'll be glad to answer any questions...

By the way, I think Seeker made an awesome harness using an Eddie Bauer day-pack as a base. The link escapes me, but it's one of the best ones I've seen so far...
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As promised, here are some pics of my harness system...


Let me know if you have any questions!
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