Jet Pack patching (pics)

Jedi Bob

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This is my JP as of today. As you can see , I need to fill the seams. I was planning on using 2 part epoxy.


As well as fix this mess!

Anyone have any ideas as to where and whow I should begin?



Bondo kicks ass...Just watch the amount of hardner you use.

also, make sure you use it in the afternoon when the sun isn't blazing overhead. Unless of course you are using it *cough* *cough* indoors...*hack*

DL44 Blaster

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You might want to start with something like JB Weld to start the process as it has good bonding power and sands like bondo.Then after the JB Weld has cured scuff it up,and work in the bondo.


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You could use putty epoxy for the bottom half of the JP. It would probably be easier to use than the two part epoxy and is easier to work with.



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If ya could, I would try to reinforce the inside with fiberglass, give it a good base, so things don't shift around, next trim the loose pieces, then build up that area with your material fo choice. If you try to patch the area without reinforcing it, after a while the tank could "break" loose and the area would crack. You will probably need to reshape that area once you build it up, but build it up in layers.


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Well, I saw a couple of people recomend JB weld, plumbers putty,and bondo. I would start with fiber glass on the inside, and make a good solid area to build up on. I would then build up with the jb weld, until you are almost to the point that you don't need to fill anymore, then just fill the rest with bondo. If you use too much bondo, it is somewhat soft and brittle, so if ya use the jb weld to fill most of the area it will be less likely to crack, but bondo is very easy to sand, that is why you only want to use it to "even" out the contured area. Get rid off all the loose pieces of plastic, they may show through the patched area and are hard to hide when you sand and paint. Just a suggestion :D