Jet Pack as seen in the new Battle Front game


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Jetpack as seen in the new Battle Front game

hey guys...has anyone started making a Jet Pack simalar to the Jet Packs seen on Battle Front game on the stormtroopers? i was playing it the othe day, and thought it was a cool costume. so, i thought that would be an awesome costume to make. the costume looks like a matalic white, with some blueish in it. anyway, i was wondering if anyone has been working on a pack like like the one that the stormtroope wears in the video game.


Yeah I really like the DarkTrooper's Jet Pack. It's a completely different design too, would be cool to see.

I like the JetTroopers pack too though. It's the stubby pack with the greenish blue accents. Would make a cool custom.
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That would be a really kick a$$ idea. I played that game for a while and that would be a cool jet pack to make..
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