Is anyone making the BOBF style jet pack stabilizer in metal? (pics)

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Jr Hunter
The design is different and looks similar to this. The round, dark parts kind of look like set screws?
The base appears to have a rounded edge similar to the base washer for the beacon on the other side of the pack.
I couldn't tell if it was knurled like the previous version, but it would make sense if it was.



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IMO, since it's a new pack and the stabilizer on the OT packs was from a found part that happened to have a knurled top.
I don't think the new one has a knurled top but the holes make it for it, hence a lot of prop makers have designed their 3D files without knurling and they are different from each other.
I just wonder if this is also another found part or just designed for it.


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I am designing a 3D printable version of the stabilizer. This was the final result, but I will go back to it and fix the dimensions to make it look more accurate since I was using an actual physical prop that came with my 3D-printed jetpack from Etsy as the model.
Just like below, I will have two versions available.

Jetpack Stabilizers.JPG

Rook 3

Jr Hunter
Nice work so far! I think your design on the right is closer of the two. Near as I can tell, the holes on the Disney parks Boba pack are not recessed in a ring like you have on your design.
There is an attached base ring "washer" at the bottom, the sides with the holes go straight up to the top of that section.

After looking at the design further, It's almost like they took the original stabilizer part, and just added a wide base tube over the top, with the holes at the bottom that slides over the original piece.


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Thanks. I have indeed updated the file to make it wider. I figured it was like a cylinder over the old stabilizer with the holes around, but I didn't want to make the holes deeper, inless I get pressured to do so.



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The screen used Hero prop is indeed our metal Stabilizer with the separate piece put over it. You're looking at a stunt pack stabilizer that was likely 3d printed. New batch of stabilizers will be in production shortly, and JJ Industries will be making the separate piece that slides over the top. If you want screen accurate, you aren't going to do any better than that..
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