Jeremy Bulloch just emailed me . . .


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I am with you on that one no way I will win that auction, pretty sure I won't have that kind of cash on me. I think a reasonanble priced photo one with helmet or one with helmet off would make more money but then you are looking at Mr. Bulloch having to sweat it out for hours in that costume as we line up to take our pics. Guess that wouldn't be fair to him.

I think a good comprimise to that would be to have a decent amount of prints with just Jeremy in costume helmet off, maybe with a holo in the corner as to prevent reprints afterwards, to sell for charity. It would be nice to get that autographed sometime. Then let the person who wins the auction take the pic with him. A once in a lifetime thing, still special to the winner but to make more money for charity and to make the rest of us poor folk feel all warm and cozy at least we would have a photo of J. B. to mark the event.