Jax Archillies' new helmet


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<img src=><img src=>

<img src=>​

some weathering still needs to be done....but its my new project. tell me what you think. beside getting a visor and drilling out the keyholes
well its for when i were my black jumpsuit as opposed to the dark blue or green one, ill use my other helmet for that one
yes i want more....but i still want a MSH..... antrock or whatever, it doesnt matter....id l;ove to see one with my paint/art on it.... extra points to anyone who can read the arabesh!
<img src=>

ok heres both my helmets compared.....still needs work and weathering :)

actually, i just realized that the weathernig is in the first picture, but still a color comparason guide i guess...plus visor to be added this week, and the interior as well
AWESOME work! I love the colors, and details! White always looks better weathered. I keep wishing I had done a suit that color. Maybe next time..........
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