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Hello all!

Been poking around the forums for awhile and I'm learning a lot about puting together a quality mando.

I'm building a boba fett for my 10 year old (from trash cans) and my 8 year old has a jango fett. Daddy wants to start on a Jaster Mereel costume so we can be a troopin' mando family.

Got a couple questions that I hope you can assist me with some answers.

(All references are from my interpretation of the Jango Fett Dark horse comic Open Seasons)

- it looks grey to me
- Not clear if he has the oversleeves or not

- Also looks grey or aluminum/steel
- Red brick color accents?
- Red tinted visor?

- Also red brick color?
- No flame thrower?
- His gauntlets do not look like fetts
- No wrist rocket?
- Not real clear if he has hoses attached to the gauntlets

- Also an aluminum/grey/steel color?
- No knee darts
- accent with red brick color (shoulder bells)

- Black/Grey?

- Any references other than the comic book?
- Might have to go with artistic liberties on this one
- He doesn't have a jet pack when he buy the farm.

- Looks like Jango style pistols
- Holsters also look like jangos

- Looks like Jangos, but only 6 of 'em
- Does he have any pouches?

- Doesn't look like he has one. Looks more like a sash

Also in the comic, when jaster dies jango is left in charge. When jango approaches the governor jango looks like he's sporting jasters armor - how/why did that happen?

Again, any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks all!

You seek Jaster Blaster on this board..he has one of the best Commander Mereel suits I've ever seen.


Thanks for the compliment Tambo. I try to look my best for our group.

I will try to answer all your questions dirtywhitemando.

Jumpsuit: Yes, grey. Oversleeves, can't be certain, but Jango and Boba have them. I went ahead and put them on my suit.

Helmet: Grey, aluminum, seems to change through out the book. Best guess and go with it. red color around the visor. No red tint.

Gauntlets: Red.Your preference here on the gauntlets. The artist is not that consistent with them. He has hoses attached in some pics.

Armor: Alum, grey, steel color. Yes on the red shoulder bells. Knee armor, I would use the knee darts,adds detail to the armor.

Gloves: grey..Good eye!

Jet Pack: none. (but I am getting one, just because they look cool)

Pistols: Very similar to Jango's, I would use the Westars.
Holsters: Jangos.

Ammo Pouches: Yes 6. No side pouches.

Girth belt: I would use one, Both Boba and Jango use them. (probably easier to draw a sash then the girth belt)

Jango most likely repainted his armor, when he met the governor. Jaster's chest armor was probably wasted after being hit with those heavy lasers from Vizsla. My guess the red cape and shoulder bells is a command staff item easy to recognize for the mandos on the battlefield.

Hope this helps. Any more questions, just let me know.

Jaster Blaster
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