Jango_Fett_Jr\'s completed ESB cape *PICS*

Jango Fett Jr

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Jango_Fett_Jr's completed ESB cape *PICS*

I just finished my ESB cape today :D



I got some 100% cotton "Shoe Canvas" from Fabricland, and it was fairly simple from there. I cut it into 3 strips, 12", and two 8". I dyed one 8" strip with RIT dye Tan and half a pack of Dark Brown. I tossed the other strips in for about 45 seconds just to brown it up a tiny bit. I just sewed them all together so the seam would be on the back side which you don't see, and made a wee button hole as you can see on the top right. To weather it. I scraped it with some scissors and an exacto knife, pulled on the tears so they would fray, then I got one of those wire-brush attatchments for my drill and went nuts. I then lightly misted it randomly with some flat black spraypaint. What you do think?

Oh, and it cost me about $8 to make (including dye)

Awwwwww, so cute!
Excellent Job - I'm sure it is inspiring to "finish" a piece of the costume. Good Work

There is only one problem - shouldn't the cape be Green and made of a half shelter? =)

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Thanks for the compliments, guys.
I'm still have to sew seams on the sides, I left them the way they are but I think I'd rather have them seamed. I also may remove some of the brown on the sides. They aren't as brown as they appear in the photo but I'd like them to be lighter.

I have to thank Brak's Buddy for his tutorial (measurements), and TK-409, his cape was a good reference point.
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Jango's kid wrote:

There is only one problem - shouldn't the cape be Green and made of a half shelter? =)


For a ROTJ cape YES! For ESB, NO!!!:)

I know, i know - it was just my attempt at being funny - guess I will have to work at it. =)
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Great job on the cape J_F_Jr. :cheers
Good to see another ESB cape. Great for only $8 too.
Keep up the great work! :)
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Great tutorial, and great cape! Even though I'm not an ESB Fett fan, but it came out really nice.


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