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After watching the deleted scenes on the DVD, I have started my latest Jango upgrade...

The poncho!!!

I always thought that these things looked pretty cool, ala Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But now, the baddest bounty hunter ever gets to sport one. Very, very cool.

I don't know if I will ever wear it out trooping, but I have already started working on it.
I was looking at that...very interesting, keep us updated man. What material are you looking on using ?

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I was wondering about how long it would take for that to get started here!!

TDH!! The only place to hang out!

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Excellent Seeker, you probably have a poncho just laying around there don't you?

BTW, if you haven't watched the web documentaries on the DVD yet, check it out, especially the one called "Bucket Head", very cool stuff...
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Just go to Disc 2, and it is under the Web Documentaries. Then go to Next Page. I think it is number 9 or something around there.
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whojedi - yeah i saw that way back then when it was out in starwars.com. very cool heh? great jango shots - specially now thats full screen. I like the umbrella shot :)
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Here's some reference shots for you.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/jangoponcho.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/jangoponcho1.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/jangoponcho2.jpg>
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Excellent, I was trying to decide whether it was a dark blue or black, but it definately looks blue in those photos, anyone agree or disagree?
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My observations :

1. Wool..heavy winter wool

2. Heathered Charcoal, as in Black base and grey hairs...sort of like JCrew coats---that not exactly black, not exactly grey median

3. Definitely not blue. I think its a neutral color and the purplish blue jumpsuit is making it look more towards a darker blue...but that's just an illusion.

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actually, it kinda looks like polar fleece...doesn't it ?

i don't know...it looks mighty heavy..and usually in hollywood, heavy = wool.
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Woah a thread from the dead! Yeah, has anyone made one of these? It seems kinda pointless to me, just something else to have. I cant see someone wearing that for a convention or anything really, defeats the whole purpose of having the chest armor and stuff. Also, no one would know who you are supposed to be. Thats just my thoughts.
Great idea for someone who doesn't have all the armor yet. It looks like it's made of fleece. This is a good time of year to shop for it.
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