Jango Flightsuits


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Hi gang! I've gotten a bunch of requests for Jango suits but I have been unable to locate fabric. Well, I finally decided to try the dye route. I got some fabric that was specially prepared for dye and took it to a dye house to be professionally dyed. I picked up the sample this morning and ok'ed it to run almost 80 yards. The piece on top is what I used for Fettseven and Syllander's suits.

I will be picking up the rest of the fabric next week and I am good to take orders. Hit me up with a PM for order info.


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A good color for Jango is a tough find. I think the color you have is pretty good. The hardest part about it is that if you get it right it looks like a different color in almost every picture. I will look blue, purple, bluish gray all in the same day in different pics.........That is why I always say the color is blurple.

But the fabric you have is a great place to start. Then the individual Jango can adjust it as needed.

Nice work.
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It is a tough color to nail down. I intend on doing some bleaching on mine and see if I can get it lighter. Then needs a little purple to get it to perfection.
I can say without a doubt though, that Carole's Jango FS is the nicest made FS available.


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Thanks guys. I'm so lucky to have the Los Angeles fabric district in my backyard so to speak but I've tried to find this color for like six months now with zero luck. I'm just glad I was able to make this work :)