Jango fett helmet size?


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Hey everyone.
Im starting a 3d model for my Jango helmet and I want it to be the most accurate 3d model of his helmet out there but I can't find any dimensions for the screen used or lineage cast helmets anywhere to make my model the perfect size and screen accurate wise if anyone can measure one or knows the measurements that would be amazing
mm or cm would be better for me as in from the UK

I will be posting updates once I get started

Thanks for any help

Wasted Fett

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Goodness, don’t ask Elliott to ask me something/anything. The bloke hates me ever since I wouldn’t sell him a GMH cus he had mike Rosa ties.

Sorry, but I don't own a Jango Fett helmet, hence I don't have/know its measurements. Maybe Wasted Fett or MinuteFett can help here.


I didn't read the last post, it seems that the OP got the measurement needed from Luis.