Jango Fett ammo belt pouches interest.


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Since Cruzer has been wipping those holsters in a flash, I have received request for some more belts and pouches.

140.00 plus 15.00 shipping and handling. Paypal only.


1. Benkenove - Paid.
2. Reveal1vader - Paid
3. ChaosHelljumper - Paid
4. Brad1957 - Paid
5. vaovet - paid
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How about some pics Seeker..:lol:

Here's some sets I have made before. I dont stain them as dark anymore. Or add those really hard dark parts. I know people like the weathering a little different. But they will be stained and finished and all ready to wear.






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Great !!! At last I will owe the best ammo belt in the world ;)

Amazing work, I'm dying to get it ;).

C'mon guys... these are the very best... and who knows when he will be making a new run :$.


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I agree, these are the best of the best.
I've got a set on the way and I'm so excited I can't wait to check the mail everyday...and they're not even for me but for another member here! :lol:


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Hehe, I know how you feel, I have been waiting for this moment a lot !!! and now, I'm in the list, already paid, and waiting for the GREAT day I can see the belt at home !!! I wish I could have it the same tomorrow !!! ...

This is a great oportunity ;) dont waste it guys !


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I want one but I have to get some more cash. I'm hoping there will be a slot still open in the next couple of weeks for me..

They will be available. Just PM when your ready. I bought enought leather to make 10 sets.

It looks like the interest has died. So you have time.