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I have asked BobaMaker about making a movie accurate 2-pieces ROCKET for the JP, and he told this:

“If I start to get people asking the question then I will re-sculpt the rocket.”

This is not an “official” wait list for it… is just to know how many people would be interested in BM to make the rocket in 2-pieces movie accurate, just to let BM knows it, and ask him to do it this way :)

1.- Benkenove
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what do you mean by a movie acurite 2 peice rocket. i thought it was only one peice in the films. i never see it split in two. i like the rocket for the jet pack he made as it is. it looks perfect IMO.
Well, if you check the page n. 131 in the CHRONICLES you can see what I mean... the rocket is a 2-piece, the head of the rocket can be remove...

I know it does not was removed in the movie... BUT, it was made this way !!! (same on the leds on RF... was never seen in the movie, BUT It read had them !!! ).

I have no scanner so I cannot scan it... but you can clearly see it there !
I believe Benkenove is referring to these pics.

Yep. those are the exact pics I mean... :). There you can see how a real movie accurate JP Rocket should looks like :).

I would really love mine to be that way... :$
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ah. well i guise that would be cool. unnessisary but cool. aslong as none of the detail of the rocket is lost & that bottom peice is not attached to the pack then i guise you can add me to the list. i hope it dosent effect cost though
Well, if you want to be entirely accurate to those pictures, I guess you'll have to paint your jet pack. . . actually your entire suit. . . in black and white.

That would actually be a huge time saver! No more special ordering Floquil paints in all those various shades! Just some black, white, and a few mixing bottles and we'd be all set!! Amazing discovery!

Benkenove said:

well, my guess is that the level of interest in being accurate down to construction method is pretty low. in a lot of ways, the stuff for the movies was crap, and we usually try to exceed their quality level :)

i'd be afraid of a rocket like that breaking. i've had people come up to me and whack my helmet/pack/whatever... i'd fear that rod not being able to take it.
Ok, for me no problem, it was a simple proposal :D:D:D IF nobody want it that way , no problem, guess BM wont re-sculpt it :p.

I will get the JP anyway, so not a big pain for me :p

It´s a pity cause I was going for screen accurate, but, who cares.
Well, once again.. the fact is not if he did removed it, or not... the fact is that the JP he wore... has the removible rocket... The same happens with the RF leeds... you cannot see it ANYWHERE in the movie, but we all knows it had them... and it worked...

That is why I was searching for 2-pieces rocket... .)
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