Interest in alternate neoprene order - "Britex" lycra

Kay Dee

I know the odds are very slim, but I wanted to put a feeler out there for interest in this. I'm considering trying to do a small run of neoprene sheets with the 'britex' lycra laminated to it. I'm looking at using 1mm perforated neoprene to keep it thin, breathable and stretchy.

See a photo of my swatch here:

Because it would be a small run, the prices are higher per person. It would be just over 400 dollars for people to get 3 sheets (each sheet is roughly 2.25 yards long, 50" wide). I have no idea how much shipping from overseas, then shipping to individuals will add to that price.

I also have to see how much of this lycra is actually left at Britex. For all I know it is gone now.

I guess I just figured if there were one or two people who held out on the last run (again - I know it is not likely because it was like pulling teeth for ZamIAm to get people together for that run) that it might effect my decision to get more neoprene made.

And please understand, this is in no way meant to be disrespectful of all the work ZamIAm has done for the custom neoprene orders. I just have this crazy costume bug inside of me. When I think I might have found 'the' fabric I get all kinds of crazy ideas and desires. And heck, I don't even know if it is 'the' fabric! It's just so darn close, and knowing that Trisha Biggar got fabric in San Francisco shopping excursions just makes me go nutty.

Some people collect Star Wars toys, I get all crazy about Star Wars fabric ;)
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Kay Dee

Sorry, it was explained in a prior post. The lycra I found is laying on top of the lycra ZamIAm used. ZamIAm's custom dye is very close, but as you see her standing in front of the real costume
it is slightly bluer in tone rather than a redder-violet tone like the swatch I got from Britex.

I have no way to conclude if the swatch from Britex is correct without holding it up to the costume in person. But the reference photos I have and knowledge that Trisha Biggar did get some fabrics in San Francisco leads me to believe it is possible.
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Active Hunter
I think Zam I ams 2nd run of neoprene is bang on exactly the same as the first run.

Kay Dees would be the third run of neoprene so far on here and would be the different color on the top of the pic which i think looks awesome btw Kay Dee. Good find!