Interest: Girth belts!!! (CLOSED until 2nd run is completed)


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Okay gents, decided I'd start an interest thread. This is a two part thread, so please read the whole thing.

(1). Spoke with today in regards to doing a bulk order on Centaur real mohair girth belts to bring the price down (standard price is $17.10 + shipping). They need to know the minimum I'd be ordering before they can insure a lower cost. So the first part of this interest thread involves getting your first girth (or a spare) at a reduced cost. I expect no commitment until I get a price for you guys and gals.

(2). The second part of this is ,that once I have a price on the girths, I will also be offering the option of ordering these as "pret a porte'" or "ready to wear" girths. These will be stained (ROTJ, ESB, or custom colors), stripped of the buckle tongues on one side, and nylon straps w/ tongue grommets attached.

I'm not looking to make a living off of these, just trying to offer a hassle free girth option for people who want a "done" belt. :)

*be sure to include what size and color (natural/white or brown) you'd need. And also, whether you want a "done" girth and whether you would want it ROTJ, ESB, or custom.

Belts cost set @ $70.00 + shipping....

*Shipping prices in USD:

single belt orders:
US : $5.00
Canada/Mexico : $11.00
All other countries : $13.00

2 to 5 belts:
US : $11.00
Canada/Mexico : $26.00
All other countries : $43.00

My paypal addy is:

(Please make sure you include your TDH screen name, full name, address, and that it is for either a ESB or ROTJ girth belt. If you are ESB, payment is an acceptance acknowledgment for the color in the Olympic Stains link as the proper color.)

If you need to call for any reason, feel free... 727-226-2689

The link to the actual girth is:

And here's a pic of my Centaur girth dyed ROTJ:

1. daric larone (ROTJ size 40?) PAID (shipped)
2. PEEL1965 (ROTJ size 38) PAID (shipped)
3. fil5117 (ESB size 38 no eyelets) PAID (shipped)
4. DP74 (ROTJ size 34) PAID (shipped)
5. jedi.paramedic (ESB size 40) PAID (shipped)
6. TJDFett (ROTJ size 34) PAID (shipped)
7. Fettdad (ESB belt size 38) C (shipped)
8. bobamaker (3 belts no eyelets 2 ROTJ / 1 ESB size 40) PAID (shipped)
9. BooBoo Fett (ROTJ size 34) PAID (shipped)
10. TehEl1te (ESB size 34) absorbed (shipped)
11. morten (ROTJ size 38) PAID (shipped)
12. PigeonFarmBoy (ESB size 47) PAID (shipped)
13. HollowBomber (ROTJ size 38) PAID (shipped)
14. LiquiTed (ESB size 34) PAID (shipped)
15. Shabazz Jenkins (ESB size 34) PAID (shipped)
16. Sirius_Cruger (ROTJ size 34) PAID (shipped)

1. MUNJ KAi (ROTJ size 44) PAID
2. drache (ESB size 34) PAID
3. SubArtic (ESB size 34) PAID (in process)
4. b1wright (ROTJ size 40) PAID
5. CaptainSolo (ESB size 38) PAID
6. Nilz (ROTJ size 40) PAID
7. bobafettsbuddy (ROTJ size 38) PAID
8. shopguy (ROTJ size 38) PAID
9. darth z (ROTJ size 34) PAID
10. rangefinder (ESB size 36) PAID
11. Fett 4 Real (ROTJ size 34) PAID (shipped)
12. Darkbambi (ROTJ size 34) PAID
13. jabbathenut (ROTJ size?) Deposit $50
14. Darksaber212 (no eyelets ESB size 44) PAID
15. Yorke (ESB size 34) PAID
16. bobamaker (2 belts, no eyelets, 1 ESB/ 1 ROTJ size 40) PAID
17. Cold (ROTJ size 36) PAID
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Just a heads up, guys. I sat down and did the math and it's going to cost me around $70 bucks to do my girth belt, all totalled. Thats belt (at standard price w/ shipping), stain, nylon straps, punch, grommets, etc.

So I'm gonna guess that I'll be charging between $80 and $100 for completed, ready to wear, dyed belts, shipped hopefully. :)
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I'd be interested in a "done" ROTJ. Pant size is 38 at this point.
Thanks for offering these!
P.S. I'm in no hurry at all since several of my parts are on order; some are even months away. Just want to get in on the ground floor of this run. Should be able to PP soon.
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I might actually be interested in an ROTJ belt, just dyed, I can do the rest. ;)
Size 30....
Let me know the 'about price' for it dyed and shipped to Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

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Okay, I need you guys to find a tack store and try on ANY mohair girth belt so I you can tell me what belt size you need. lol I'd rather not guestimate on your size and it not fit. :)
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Iam interessed in a ESB girth, my waist size is 32inch, so if you can aquire one that size it would be superb. Otherwise a 34inch will do;)

Add me up on the list bro!
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80 to 100 bucks??? Can you break down the price peice by piece? Love the idea but right now I'd be more likely to just stain the natural one I already have that I paid $15 bucks for. :)
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If you already have one un-stained, you could just mail it to me and pay return postage and I'd dye it for $20. But, honestly, if you just follow the tutorial that whistle8mp did, and I expounded on, you shouldn't have any problem doing it yourself. :)

I understand that ballpark price seems steep, but the belts, as it stand are over $25 shipped, plus the cost of the stain, the nylon strapping and having it sewn, grommets, and not to mention time. If I'm lucky, I'd make $20 off of each belt, for a considerable amount of work. Not jumping down your throat, by any means, but I think once you do yours, you'll have a better grasp of what it takes to do one of these. I think about the cheapest I've seen a used finished belt go for is $60.

Also, if you decide to do your own and run into any trouble, feel free to pm or call me and I'll try and help ya out. :)
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No worries my friend. I totally see where your coming from on the price once I stepped back and looked at the big picture. :)

I'm also a bit confused on the whole "sewing" that sewing the indiviual strands to each other?
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everyone should jump on this. this is no easy task it. its alot more difficult then it looks. dsonik1 your girth looks amazing
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Splat, no worries, bruv. The sewing I'm referring to is actually attaching the nylon straps to the buckles on one side of the girth. If you want, you can get my number from the "census" thread Madrid Boba started, call me, and I'll walk you through it. :)

jebby, thanks a ton for the compliment, brother. You and I been trekkin down this damnable girth belt road together almost since the start, it seems. lol :)
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