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Whats everybody doing to the inside of the their helmets as it relates to painting it. Just Primer or have some tried that spray on truck bed liner Ive seen on old posts?
If you've got a fiberglass helm, you certainly won't need to add the truck bed liner. That was just a silly idea to increase rigidity in the Don Post vinyl helms.
I don't see any reason to paint the inside of a fiberglass helmet other than for cosmetic reasons. The fiberglass will eventually lose the smell it has over time. A nice alternative would be to line it with felt or something similar.
I've seen them painted/primed black to darken the interior. I've also seen them lined with fabric as BKBT mentioned. Personal prefs man, it's all up to you :)
As long as you sand the inside smooth and get rid of any fiberglass splinters that may be lingering around, you should be fine unless, as BKBT noted, you want to do it for cosmetic reasons.
Thanks guys. Its the splinters I was worried about. Didn't know you could sand it and not worry about it. I was thinking you had to seal it some how. I think I'm still gonna prime it though. Thanks again!
tteF aboB,

You're talking about a MSH, right? Mine came with a raw fiberglass finish, and don't want to put your head in that! It's ruff FG, and you need to seal it with either bondo or more fiberglass resin. I sealed mine with an extra coat of resin, about 2 oz. If your going to line your bucket with fabric anyway, you could skip it. But I'd do it just to be on the safe side.

I didn't realize that the inside of your helmet was rough. When I built mine, I did the same thing as Boba Phat & smoothed out the interior with a couple of extra coats of resin. Just for the record though, I did paint the inside of mine. I wanted it to look more finished than raw fiberglass.
Yes, it is the MSH. Will the fiberglass resin I've seen at Walmart work in the automotive section? Thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate it. The foam idea sounds like the route I'll go thanks SC. I just had seen some at the local craft store.

bigkidbiggertoys wrote:

A nice alternative would be to line it with felt or something similar.

I also recommend foam to use as liner inside the helmet, specially the grey colored one used for audio , electronics packaging or music acoustic purposes. There are different kinds of foam thickness and shapes... the choice is yours.

The FG resin from Wal*Mart will work. I get mine from Home DePot. Pick up some mixing cups, craft sticks, and some cheap brushes. Mix the resin and the MEK peroxide, pour it into the helmet, and brush it up the sides. Keep working with the resin until it sets, and you're done!
I would paint the lower part of the inside edge, but as mentioned before, that's just for looks.

Sand down the burs and install a hardhat liner and you're in business.
I coated mine with spray -in "truck bed liner" from a auto parts store.It seemed to add some structure to the helmet amd smoothed it out inside.
Waaaaaaaaa! :(

Soo many people that made their own fett FG buckets! :)
Does anyone wanna make Bobo one for a generous price? =}
(it could be plastic too!)

Or any other parts of the armour ;)



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