I wanna see inside your Helmets!


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Hey everybody, in my Christmas present thread the topic turned to how I should mount my T-visor into my helmet- At first I thought Hot glue, but someone brought up that it'll easily melt. Someone suggested Plumbers goop, but I don't think I want to wait 24 hours for it to set, only to have it shift and set crooked-

So I have two rquests- Tell me how YOU secured your visor to you helmet, and if you have a picture of the inside of your helemt please post it here; I'd like to see how the visor looks and how its padded. Don't worry if its not the prettiest sight- its the inside of your helmet, you know.

So c'mon and reply!

I used a variation on a method I read about on TK 409's website.
I used some metal picture hanging brackets covered with plumber's epoxy putty to hold them in place.
It's been finished for a year and a half, and it hasn't budged.
You can see a couple of them at the bottom of this picture.

I've heard of people using stuff like "QuikSteel," which is a steel reinforced epoxy putty to affix the visor pretty much for keeps. I have a tube of it here and was comtemplating giving it a try...

Nice job, that turned out really well. I found a picture of a bucket where the owner used velcro on the inside of the helmet and on the section of hardhat liner that attaches to the helmet. So you can take it out in an instant-which is an idea I like alot. Plus I have two or three hard hat liners around here collecting dust, I may as well use one. I also have plenty of foam, but I'm wary of using the foam. Certain types of foam deteriorates rapidly, especially when coming in contact with and being soaked by copious amounts of sweat. Have any of you had trouble with that taking place yet?

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