I think maybe I found something... ???


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Ok, so I will feel like an idiot if this has been "discovered," but I think maybe I have found something...:facepalm:facepalm maybe...

I found this while browsing ebay earlier today. It's called a "General Radio 874-WM Dummy Load..." ...etc...

This is the image directly from the auction:

I have some resin knee darts here from MoW, but they only measure about 1.75 inches long, not 3 inches like the image above, but man, it looks so close...

Again, if this has been found, or found AND debunked, I apologize. I used the search and could not find anything about it.

Am I on to something here, or did I get prematurely excited?

Thanks all!


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Well the first inch of that would be cut off anyway for it to look like the dart, so the size isn't that far off. Or maybe a half inch or so off the right side and take the prongs off the other side.