I swear it's all going into the trash! ESB color question.


I tried Rustolem Brand Spruce Green. Compared to the (albeit) still in the bottle, Panzer Olivegrun helmet green I'm stumped. It's almost too similar, even lighter. I brushed a little on in a unnoticable spot.
Looking at ESB pictures, the armor is darker is it not? Am I just seeing things. I got crazy and decided to try the darker of my 3 rattle can greens and it came out a bit too dark (more so than the ROTJ green)
So I'm thinking of eating a bullet, chucking the whole thing or moving back into the field of bonzai tree maintanence so I can relax again.
Someone help cause I am really frustrated.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. At this point I'm forced to ask, what is going to be the best way to get the 3 coats of paint off my armor? I guess I'll be spending some more time sanding won't I?
So which brand of paint did you go with that was to dark? I used the spruce green for my ROTJ helmet.
What is your armor made out of? I use Pine Sol to take paint off of models so that may work and you won't have to put more time into sannging. Just find a container to hold the armor and dump pine sol in. Let it set until the paint floats off.Then wash it and start over. Hope it helps.
I used spruce on my first suit's armor. It is admittedly a bit light but with some black misting and charcoal rubbing and other general weathering you may be able to keep it.

Just a thought,
Just to answer the earlier question...The darker green I used was a flat green primer from OSH. Their own brand. I like the way it lays down really thick, but it is impossible to lighten up with other sprays while wet. I don't think I could come back to it now and fix it either... I haven't the skill.

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A dark green, straight out of the can, no airbrush-
Must cover well-

You might try "Dark Angels Green" from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40K.

It might be a touch on the dark side, but will weather well, and covers as fine as you can get out of a spray can.

Games Workshop forumulates their spray paints finer than hardware store brands, etc.

They make them fine so as not to obscure detail on 28mm minatures.


I use their Chaos Black primer, works great. Excellent coverage...

And will be using Boltgun Metal for any exposed metal on my ESB Fett. The newer metal scrapes will be GW's Chainmail.

Hope this helps...

I used rustoleum on my ESB armour as well, & it didn't look even close until I applied a heavy application of dark aircraft grey w/ an airbrush. With an airbrush you can gett a nice even & thin coat, yet the bottom rusoleum green still shows through, just darker.It still isn't quite right, but its fairly close I think. I also mixed up a small amount of paint w/ testors "steel" , flat black, and dark blue. I used this very sparingly, and it seemed to produce a nice ESBish look. I really don't know how to help ya if you don't have an airbrush though. You could try misting w/ black or dark grey out of a can, but it seems difficult to get an even coat that doesn't look like overspray & if you over-do it just a little, the green doesnt show up & you gett either black or grey armour. (at least I couldn't get it to look right out of a can!) I wish you luck. :)
I actually do have an airbrush,
I just hadn't really heard a kind of definitive color for the armor yet. I was just going off previous recommendations. I had used the Spruce Green on my first DP helmet, I liked the look of it, but I still think it's a little to light. It almost..repeat, almost matched the couple of spots of the Panzer Olivegrun that I applied on top of it. That made me very apprehensive.
I'm sure when I shoot the new helmet with the airbrush it'll look different, but why gamble?
But there has of yet, been no agreed upon ESB armor color, Model Masters, Floquil or otherwise?


Thanks again everyone.
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