i need help

I have a voice amp sorted now, but when I was in your position (thinking about how to do it all on a shoestring ;) ) I thought about what I could adapt. I figured that actually physically making an amp set up would be a) beyond my meagre skills, and b) as, if not more, expensive as buying a radioshack/yoga amp.

My best idea (never carried out) came from my daughter. She has a fisher price cassette player with a mic, so she can sing along to her tapes. She started talking through it one day and said it sounded like Boba (she's 4 and has watched ESB more times than I care to work out!) I believe her exact words were, "listen daddy, I sound like your Bobo Fat" (her name for Boba.

I tried it and it's not hugely loud, but it's ok and it's a start.

Try scanning ebay for cheap kids toys that have mics and amps.

Just a thought.

Hope this helps.

Well, What kind of electronics do you have lying around? I would check out radio shack for a cheap one. I bought mine on ebay for $50 and when i got it the price tag was still on it from radio shack and it was only $12.00:angry:angry
I was wodering if anyone has the stamatics on making a voice amp becuz if i have the stamatics i can build it. for those who dont know what stamatics is its a picture of where the wires and microchips go.:lol:
N, I dnt, sry. Mb u cn fnd thm w a srch? Smbdy mb pstd smthng smlr 2 wt u wnt. Jst lk thru th pst psts hr, nd mb u wl fnd smthng.

I was thinking too. If your pop knows all these dudes, they must know how to build some monster voice amp. Why not just show them the space in the helmet and tell them what you want?
There still is radio shack ones around. I found 5 of them within a 20 mi radius. And they were $20. If you want one of those just call around radio shacks. thats what I did. there are a couple of guys that sell amp/mic systems on BSN for like $20-$30 but I dont know how well they sound.
Yup. I dont want to get into a shipping detail or anything but I live in south Jersey and thats where I found a couple. If you need help Ill call around here...find one and PM you where I found it if you want? Then you can arange them to ship it to you?
The wbsite doesnt have them. I heard they discontinued them? But As I said I found a bunch. So just call around and ask for the voice/amp mic. It was like $19.99 . Most of them that I called knew what I was talkning about.
Part number 277-1008C
Amplifier/speaker It was like $11.00 here and runs on 9v battery. RS also sell a cheap $5.00 mic that you can bust open and use the pick up part of the mic. It comes in a bag, usualy hung on a display rack. This is the setup I use in my biker scout, stormtrooper and fett helmets. Easy to mount in the helmet or seperate. For the money.....what can I say, acept........Can you here me now?
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