I need help on Wood Work?


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Im making a rifle out of wood and i have layers, im almost finished and i was wondering how i can make it look like one piece should I use bondo? or something else? Also to paint the rifle do i use primer then black spraypaint?
I'm doing the same thing. I've filled most of the big gaps with slivers of wood sanded smooth after it dries. I've filled finer creases with thinned wood filler, then coating the entire thing with sanding sealer. It takes a while. Hope this helps.

Does any of the wood need to LOOK like wood? If not, bondo, sand, prime, eeal prime then two or three light top coats should work.

You can either use the mustard method and put a coat of aluminum between the primer and the Black, or blueing. After it''s dry, you can scrape the mustard off and VIOLA weathering. OR you can use alum or silver paint on TOP on the black coat in areas of obvious wear. High spots, handles, etc.

PM me if you need more help.
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