I know its not a mando but i thought i would share =D


hey all i know its not a mando but i thought i would share my 3po with you since he is sort of dented kinda =P





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thanks! hey noticed your in OC im actually the President of the OC FF if your lookin for a group of people to troop with hit us up!
suprisingly it is comfortable its like im in my own little world lol and people usually dont see me and think i can move quickly LOL

there are abit of pinch points still but thats getting worked on
ill post more pics once i get them too lol

still got some fine tune stuff i need to do on the suit like cooling system i need to trim the neck ring and fix the shoulder bells with a snap/elastic setup
hehe was waiting for you to chime in Lewis! you going to be at the Nov 4th event?

im still working on my pistons too need to cut them down a bit as well as pad the blasted thing LOL
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