I finished my first helmet


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minus some touch up work I would love some feed back.
remember this was my very first shot at a bucket lol ;)




I really like where you're going with that color scheme!:D(y)

but.. the two rivets halfway down the visor.. look mis-aligned..:facepalm

Master Jedi Allma

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I like the colour too, clean and simple...;)

The main problem i see is the shaping...:confused
has the bucket been sqeezed in a vice or is it sucking lemons?:lol:

If you get the shaping of the cheeks to pop out through some kind of reshaping/reinforcement, it should look great...(y)



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Wot Allma said. Reshape that bad boy and it will look the nuts. I too like the paint scheme. And the rivets are a nice touch! Kinda reminds me of Marrow Sun's Mandalorian Commando.

Just warm the plastic up a bit and reshape it. You may want to fit something rigid to keep the shape whilst it cools.

Good luck


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the rivits were a needed addition because I had already ruined two other visors trying to glue them in. so the screws actually serve a purpose not just look cool LOL.

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arent rubies vinyl helmets?
and the helmet looks great!
but if i wanted to make the helmet look wider a bit like the movies then could i just warm it up with a hair dryer and re-shape it?
thats what i did with my tie pilot helmet..


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also real quick its kinda off topic but hey its my topic any way so :moon LOL to mando's generally have back armor???:confused
yeah we do, wouldnt feel right without it. and from behind it would look pretty naked

edit: oh and also, Ive heard that Rubies jango helms are really undersized and uncomfortable to wear. Is this true?


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well I reshaped it and I am going to install a welding mask head piece in the bucket so that will help
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Looks good, but I agree with everyone else. Go get a craft ring from Joann's fabric (ask one of the employees where they are...big brass rings). Cut it with a dremel/saw so that the "U" shape's ends fit into the space in the helmet where the earcaps are on the inside. I'd reccommend bending it so the curve is bigger than the helmet, then "pop" it into the inside rim and hot glue it in.

Pics for reference.



^ Where the end meets up with the earcap on the inside