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So my girlfriend wasn't completely happy with her current Zam armor. So she asked me to go ahead and help her make some better stuff. And since I've been on co-op (interning) at everybody's favorite toy company right now and don't have homework to worry about, I've been sculpting and casting away. I've never done any type of armor work that I did completely through on my own fom scratch. Working with clay is tougher then it looks! But these are the finished product. I'll be sending them back home to my girl in the next few days. She's going to paint the purple parts and assemble them. I just rub n buffed them, weathered them, and added hinge segments to the guantlets. So here's the pics:

the final parts plus some of the surviving sculpt parts and molds:

And a shot or two of some of the parts in progress:


Hope you guys out there in dented helmet land approve!


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MonCal said:
I'm sure she'll be happy.

She is very happy... Some women get flowers. I get armor. *giggle*

Yeah, I am so spoiled. But those turned out great, Sweetie. Can't wait to start wearing them!



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Yeah, but you didn't have them on :p I need to build some muscle in my forearms, I think.

sore, but loving the way all the new pieces look together