Hutt Family Workshop helmets history ( from paper to fiberglass and painted)


Little update.

For a very long time I worked on a new Rangefinder. Which would have had less weight was compatible with most stalks, it would be possible to install the light kit.

Now this has happened


Can be compatible with stalks from Bobamaker, Full metal fett, Salamanderking, and I think even with RS Props.

Can be installed electronics from Fettinator.

Closed by a magnet.

Thinking of having small run on these RF tops, as soon as I get enough free time.


The actual form for casting of the helmet has lost the quality and I can't continue to do the same quality helmet. I continue to work on the new helmet, which began a year ago, but decided to remake some parts to get closer to the drawings of the RafalFett. And I think I succeeded with minor errors.

Soon I think will be able to show new helmet.
I used the dimensions from the drawings of the RafalFett, as well as some overall dimensions of the helmet Asok helmet to fall within the overall geometry, it will be something good.
Also, I hope, will be superior painting new artist is working on the first helmet, and I'm really looking forward to the result.

While look at the helmet that I made for my Red Fist Clan, reworking my very first helmet.













1110111.jpg 1110112.jpg

1110114.jpg 1110113.jpg

On this helmet I have been working for more than a year.
I had based my last helmet and much of it is altered. Slightly increased the size, changed the size of the individual parts, and the form itself.
All that's left to do is the ears. There are some good ideas on how to do them well. By the beginning of next year I will finish the job.


Two weeks spent to make two platform for ears. I'm happy with the result.
Now i need a platform for rangefinder, there is a complex geometry.

1110121.jpg 1110122.jpg 1110123.jpg 1110124.jpg 1110125.jpg
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Wow, a lot of work... Looks Excellent, You have a lot of skill :)
I like the squared ends of the opening for the visor on this prototype :D
I was noticing on your painted helmet pictures, the openings are rounded.


That time has come when I have something to show. I was so excited to do it and the photos came out not very high quality, in live it looks amazing. A new helmet is almost ready, there are still some rough edges that need to hide.

Dimensions as close to the RafalFett's templates + something added at the photos, especially the angle of the fixing rangefinder.

2110111.jpg 2110112.jpg 2110113.jpg 2110114.jpg

2110115.jpg 2110116.jpg

My special pride is a simple and convenient system of magnetic fixation.

IMG_4252.JPG IMG_4253.JPG IMG_4260.JPG IMG_4261.JPG IMG_4263.JPG


Continue work on the helmet. Soon i will begin to create mold, but there is still a few cycles of grinding. Overall I am very pleased with the result, discussed with the artist, try on the stencils, all very well.

2110121.jpg 2110122.jpg

And something else . Received the first photo of the first ROTJ painting, it is painted one of the test helmets.
wgO94GF71IY.jpg 2ATpCkChoiE.jpg


Hello everybody. I'm sorry I didn't update, I'm very much in demand at my work and often have to come earlier and leave later. But I finished completely master model. And while I have some difficulties with the artists, I decided to take part in the Run on metal ears to make sure that my helmet will be compatible with them. Have to wait just a little.

In two months, I'll have a vacation and I'm doing everything I can to make a little run.


The artist, with whom I worked, as well due to work absolutely no time for the helmet, maybe that will change. Several others turned out to be unnecessary and lazy. But I found another one, a Star wars fan, which actively requires likely to give a helmet to paint and show his skills ) Pray that everything turned out and my anxiety is over.
Look what she can!!!

And a little of my third-party project, which took two years of unhurried work in my spare time to distract from everything else. Yoda himself was bought in the Studio of sculptors.
IMG_2001.JPG IMG_2002.JPG IMG_2006.JPG IMG_2012.JPG IMG_2032.JPG IMG_4463.jpg IMG_4475.JPG IMG_4539.JPG IMG_4545.JPG IMG_4550.JPG IMG_4562.JPG IMG_4613.JPG W_-sajJjrpI.jpg tqEfJbyXM5k.jpg


After a long time, I was able to slightly rework rangefinder top, correcting some inaccuracies, and now consider it ideal. Remade silicone mold, to improve the quality of casting. It is fully compatible with any 5mm stalk, as Bobamaker, full metall fett or Salamderking. Fully compatible with Autonomous lighting system of The Fettinator. Mounted on a magnet is very reliable.

IMG_0128.JPG IMG_0137.JPG IMG_0138.JPG
IMG_0141.JPG IMG_0144.JPG IMG_0145.JPG IMG_0146.JPG IMG_0147.JPG

Remained finish the a new plastic stalk, and can be will to send as individual sets (without electronics of course).

Another update is coming soon )