How to repair a crack in MS2?


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I got a crack in the MS2 I bought while sanding it. Anyone know how I can seal it?
IS the visor installed? IF not, I would probubly just put that in and bondo over the crack without any glues and whatnot, the support of the visor should get it strong together, the crack looks like its just it the gelcoat it would be hard to glue that without it showing badly.
Dude, don't use bondo for a hairline crack, use superglue it will fill in much easier and sand off cleanly.

Yeah Mike, Listen to Marrow, I mean listen to ME and CAL, I mean listen to MARROW... !!!:lol: :lol: I'm sure this is helping you.:p

Seriously... Marrow is more of an "expert"...Mr. Helmet MAN..(y)
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