How to cut a Rubie´s Helmet?


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Hey, ive got a rubie´s helmet ( A Jango one in this case, but its like the same than a boba one) And i´m wondering how to cut the visor part to can atach a new t-visor.
I think the helmet is too much srong as to be cutted with a simple scissors. Any solution?

And later, once cutted, wouldnt the visor look too depth?

Thanks for your answers!
Not sure what others have used to cut out the visor area but i used an exacto hobby knife with a #11 blade to very slowly/carefuly cut mine out.

Hope that helps.
Dremel. Well, Dremel and a slow hand, lol. The visor is, imo, supposed to have a certain amount of depth. Let me rephrase that. I think it looks better if there is depth between the visot and the manibles. I dont like it if it's almost even.
What´s a Dremel? I´m using a translator but doesnt appear the "Dremel" word ^^.

Well... I´m wondering over where I should could. If the option A, or B:

I´ve been analyizing this pic and it looks that there is no almost depth:

Thanks for your answer, guys!
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I see..... Thank you guys :)

I guess this must take a loooooooot of time :-/

Nice finished Helmet. Ill show mine in a while.
JangoUri said:
I see..... Thank you guys :)

I guess this must take a loooooooot of time :-/

Well, given the fact that I seem to have learned by a lot of trial and error, this bucket took me a little over a year. That is because I went through a DP97 first, then, a DP 96. I had a LOT of practice on those two, before throwing them away, so when I got the DP 95, I had a moderate amount of skill and a plethora of knowledge (thanks TDH) and am happy with the final outcome. But it does take time to make it work and look good.

Of course, I STILL need armor, a jet pack, boots, a decent jumpsuit, wookie scalps ... the list goes on and on, lol.
thksdad said:
i just used a box cutter...cut like butter.

You know, I had thought about that, but given my mishaps with the 97 and 96, I was deathly afraid to do that to the 95, lol. Did you have to heat anything up first?
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