How does the cod piece connect to the flightsuit?

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I have a Bradley cod piece, and I don't know how it goes on. It is made of styrene that will instantly crack if I bend it around my waist. Is is supposed to bend around my waist or is there another way of wearing this?

I haven't trimmed it yet, and need information before do so.
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Are you so sure it will crack? My codpiece is made of styrene and it is quite bendable.
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Heat it and form it to your waist. Just be easy with the heat so you don't over do it.
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I just dumped my code piece in hot water. I then bent it around and held it until it cooled. Works like a charm.
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Ahhh, I figured the hot water trick would do the charm. Thanks guys!! :)
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My first cod peice was Bradleys and if you trim it good, so that there is almost no ridge around the top and where it will wrap around your waist, there is no way it'll ever crack. I attached a leather belt to mine and wrapped the whole thing around my waist and it worked like a charm
I never used any hot water and left it flat.

The black square is velcro BTW, it helps keep the rope belt from sliding down on you, trust me, it will slide down.
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I have MB's cod pieces (just like that one) and mine DID start to crack (in about five places). Yes, I tried the hot water thing which helped a little. I didn't want to use a heat gun since it was already painted. I ended up filling the cracks with clear rubber cement and added duct tape to the inside of the cod piece to keep the cracks from getting worse. I connected the butt plate with snaps.
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Yours came with a butt plate? What the heck? Mine didn't!
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"I have MB's cod pieces (just like that one) and mine DID start to crack (in about five places)."

There could have been a bunch of reasons why it cracked, I just know the 1 1/2 I had mine it never cracked and I never had a problem with it.

It could crack if there was too much a ridge left on the plastic on the top and on the sides from trimming thus causing too much stress because there is too much plastic for it to bend around comfortably.
If the ridge on the top and parts of the sides is gone totaly or almost fully gone then it will bend like a flat styrene sheet and it will not crack. I could almost bend mine in a full circle and mine never cracked.
The cod is covered with the rope belt any way, so it dosn't matter if the ridge is there or not.
Another thing that would cause cracking is if a gouge or slice mark left from trimming was in a stress spot and it will definatly crack because a weak spot has been made. Why do you think the score and breack method is so good for cutting styrene? because the scoring leaves it weak and makes it easy to break up apart. That is why carefull trimming is a must in high stress areas.

Bradley does not offer a butt plate for the cod, that is why you didn't get one.
RA is the only one I know that offers a butt plate with his cod.
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Does anyone have a pic of their Bradley cod piece that is already fully bended? I want to know how much I should bend it. Thanks!
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Michael -My MB cod piece did not come with the butt plate, I had to make one myself.

Lynn - Mark personally trimmed the cod piece for me and there is no ridge at all. If I tried to bend mine in a full circle, I would end up with a five piece cod piece. My girth and ammo belts hide the damage, so I'm not sweating it. I will just reinforce the entire inside of it with more duct tape before I wear it again.
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I'm so scared I'm going to break my cod piece when I trim it now. I think I'm going to get another cod piece.

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Mickael....I'm sorry if I scared you...... Just trim it and wrap it around your waist, it is not that big a deal, there is nothing to be scared about. I just know I had no problems with mine and I'm passing my info along.
Sometimes you just gotta do it.
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I just cut the 2 side 'wings' off completely. I left enough to cover my front. The rope belt and side bags hide the fact that there's not plastic under there along my hips.
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This must be a question asked over & over again, but how does the cod piece connect? Is it velcroed to the abdomen of jumpsuit? I understand that there is an underconnecting strap kinda like a thong but I know that can't be the way it stays & holds up. There's got to be something holding it up in place to prevent it from sagging.

Is the answer velcro?

I connected my codpiece by way of a belt. I found an old belt and glued it on the back of the cod piece. I then attached a smaller strap that went LOOSELY between my legs. This seemed to do the trick. I got the idea from a thread I found in the forum a few months ago.

The cod dosn't connect to the flight suit.
Either a belt attached to the cod or a butt plate as listed above works great. I have done both and I like the butt plate the best.
I know Boba has a Butt plate, its funny because it is shaped like a butt too, it is the "B" shaped plate that connects to the cod piece, it usually is hidden by the girth and ammo pouch belts in some pics. Butt it is there, mine is aluminum, and acts like a heat reflector when I wear it, lets just say when I take off the plate the sweat remains! It is nasty...oh well.
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