How do yours hang


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Just a quick question about hanging Wookie Braids.

I just recieved my set of OSK Wookie braids, I wrapped em up with the colored threads and im ready to go( they rock by the way ).

When I got my original set of RA braids they came bound at the bottom of the set thus making a loop where you could just throw it over your shoulder,but not bound at the top ( I usually let the shoulder bell catch them and I was set )

The question : how do you have your braids hanging ?? or to put it better what is accurate? freely hanging all together(attached by your own method ) or bound @ either the top or bottom.

thanks for the help



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I believe in the soft part topic theres an awnser to this.

black thread would be accurate, bu a safety pin maybe the best way to go.

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Ok seriously... the set that i have (bought in ebay) have a single loop which is connected at the bottom leaving appox. 8 inches of wookiefur hanging. (out of which half is pleated* spelling?)

I don't know how movie accurate it is but it's good enough for me.