How do you attach your chest lights to your armor/ vest?


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I just got shackman's great chest lights and now need to know how to attach them to my armor. I don't want it to be permant as I plan on upgrading my armor in the not so distant future. Any idea/pics would be great.
It sounds kinda shoddy, but I simply duct taped my shackman lights to the back of the armour plate, and then cut a hole in my vest so the amrour would sit flush against it. I've had it taped for over a year, and with all the trying it on & taking it off, it has never moved a Millimeter. Theres probably a better way of doing it, but duct tape really has worked good for me:) Something to try if you can't come up with other options;)
i used hot glue , but first i put a piece of limo tint over the holes with super glue , just to give it a darker look so you cant see the lights when they are off .i'll put up a pic tomorrow of my power supply box for the shackman lights .
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