how do you attach a T-visor to a Rubies helmet?


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I also had to cut te T-Visor. Was really hard to atach a T-Visor for me to a rubies helmet.

By the way, what is epoxy?


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a 2 component glue. one is hardener or something, and the other is resin.

works very well.

as for the visor, I literaly cut it out... with a scizor, the soft material is easy to work with.
One thing about the Rubies though, with some glue I could really put the visor in for a snug fit... with my new FG bucket... hmm... that's not going to be as easy.


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I used strong double back tape (as somebody on the threads suggested it) so that I could better adjust the latex helmet and visor when positioning it in place. This prevented me from having to sit there and hold the visor to the bucket during drying time if I had used a glue or an apoxy. Then when I was satisfied with how the visor was positioned in the mask, I went back and glued the edges of the visor to the inside of the mask as it was being held in place by the double back tape. I used the red covered double back tape that can be found in the automotive bodywork section of Walmart. Worked great and I haven't had any problems since I did it over a year ago. Here are some ref. pics of my Rubies.
Hope this helps, Cruzer





Jango bucket 9-17-05.JPG


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I've only worked with a Boba helmet before, so I don't know the differences. But the stock visor should definately be replaced. Also, I would think that the rangefinder and stalk be replaced.


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hello cruzer, do you have more images where show how you put the double back tape in the helmet? (you put the tape outside of the helmet dont?), and can you publish how you paint the 2 black helmet top lines? thanks........


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Hello cruzer, where did you buy your padding for the interior of your helmet??? I have a rubies and am trying to customize it to fit my head. Thanks. :)