How do you all attach your gauntlets?


Alright folks, I'm curious to know... how does everyone attach their two piece gauntlets?

Ruffkin's kit is the kit I'm working with and its great but I'm thinking about alternative ways to wear them.

One thing I was thinking about was using an elastic type material (sort of like waist line elastic in a pair of pants) which you can get from a Fabric store and using that. All you would have to do is pull up the gauntlet a bit, slide your arm and hand in and poof allow it to close.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

I have Ruffkintoy's gauntlets as well and I just used the simple velcro method. It works just fine and i've never had a problem closing them or having them come undone...and the left gaunt is extremely heavy because i put a block of wood in the flamethrower box (or should I say MMM did it for me ;) )
I'm gonna use the 2" wide elastic-type-material approach on the right one.

The left one I might have to do a little cutting because when I glued the outer side together I did it at an degree which would allow me hand and wrist to still fit through the most narrow section without prying it too far apart. Hopefully the elastic-type-material method will work on this side as well.

I'm actually just finishing up the attachment of the rocket on the left gaunt and then I am done done done and can move on to the step of getting them to close and hold on the arm.

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