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that wa sa fun conventin last weekend man good pics too!

and my gauntlets are kinda not move accurate worth anything,i dont want them to look like the movies but,i need to add my own flare to them,as they are plain as of now.


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You can make the superior part of the guantlets in wood and the inferior part in PVC. The results are very good looking but you do it with pasion :)

PD: You go to do the Templates with Images, is also dificulty but is interesant.

Good lucky


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I have scratch built all my costume except for the gauntlets. Forget it mate and just buy a set, otherwise you will never finish your costume.


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you can make em. done it. the results though... are much less than my beautiful ruffkins. Do you have a dremel? You need a dremel. get two freakishly large plastic cups. Yes big enough to wear as guantlets. Those are your base. cut off the ends the split each lengthwise use industrial velcro so they will one and close.
get legos YES legoes and bondo. use sone epoxy to glue on the legoes as build up for the lumps on each guantlets. Use pics from the forums. go over the whole thing with bondo light layers as it will heat up some and if you have too thin of glasses they will become very mallable at this point. to go over the legoes and smooth out your surfaces. sand and repeat.
strip out the pen tips from severaly pens carefully drill holes to put in right guantlet you paint the pen tips silver and put them in last.
once the guants are sanded prime them. paint silver. use mustart to mask them and paint you desired color then the little bit of black to weather THen put in your darts.
The right dart launcher I bought from Asok the rest of the kit I got as spare ruffkin parts out of the cargo bay they are ruffkin parts and are thye missle and flame thrower.

BUT I largely recommend buying what your guants mine take 4 hours to finish when I get a ruffkin kit ( wo putting in hinges).Yes that's painted


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I was going to make mine but after looking into it. making some will cost just as much as buying some if not more and even then they wont look nearly as good as a professionally made set. before just jumping on the rufkin band wagon, you should check with different makers for size differences. Rufkins are beautiful but if they don't fit right they look kinda out of place.


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Hello This is my left gauntlet in wood. This version is for a Jango Fett in Open seasons II:

Have Good Look? I'm 14 years old and is very dificulty for my make this. and the money... More XD

Copia de IMAG0001.jpg


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Kit....calm down.

First of all, welcome to the board!
Secondly, this thread is a bit out-dated (previous post was 2006). His question was how to make them, not where to buy them, and some options were discussed by other members.
Thirdly, if you want to buy gauntlets, check the Cargo Hold. Occasionally, a set will show up for sale.
And finally, try out the Search function. There are a few members who can guide you to reputable sellers.

Good luck!