How do I get the guantlets to close? PICS

I got a set of guantlets from Star Fortress a while back and while they come equipped with some sort of snaps to close them up they dont stay closed and the design is pretty crummy. How are you guys getting your guantlets to stay closed and not fall off your forearm?







How much do those suckers weigh? Someone in my garrison owns them and he said, "hold this for a second" once... it was a monster... that was only one gauntlet while he was putting the other one down.
Industrial velcro

Yep!:cheers I have never had an issue with this, and if done properly, no one will ever see it! My gauntlets are resin and weigh a ton, and I had to add foam padding on the inside to keep them from twisting around on my arm. The combo of foam/velcro keeps them on and secure!(y)
I used door hinges on mine. took the middle pin out and used a paint brush for closure. I personally feel using velcro cracks the shells while opening and closing.
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