How do I dye White to Grey?

Darth Flan

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I tried dying my white jumpsuit with Rit dye. They dont make a grey so I just used a little black. Well it turned a form of purple. Not very flattering for a ROTJ suit.

What have you guys done to get a light ROTJ grey??

Yeah, Rit does make a color called Pearl grey, but for some reason, Its a harder color to find. I've had similar problems with the black flan...try to use just a bit to get grey, and end up with a purpleish hue. If you look hard enough, hopefully you can find some pearl grey...or order it online. I've used it exactly a Jedi bob suggests with good results also.
HAHA! I found Pearl Grey at Hobby Lobby. Now I have to get the purple out of the jumpsuit 1st. LOL I dont need a Femme-Fett
I found RIT Pearl Grey at Joann's Fabrics. It worked perfectly. Make sure the water you use is HOT. Add a bit of salt and laundry detergent.

Make sure to use the Rit color remover to get the purple color out of your jumpsuit. Chlorine bleach has the nasty habbit of deteriorating cotton fabrics ;)
Pearl grey worked perfectly. I just used about 3/4 of a package in my kitchen sink and used HOT water. About 5 mins later I took it out, spun all the extra water out in the washer, then dried it. It looks Great!

Thanks for the tips!
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