How do I buy the right size jumpsuit?


I need advice on how to buy a jumpsuit... I've never bought one, or worn one, so I don't know how to get the best fit.

I'm going to be ordering from here:

I am 5' 8" tall, around 190-200 lbs (depending on how much turkey I've had) with a medium build.

Had to call my wife for the chest size, she says I am 40-42". (she sews most of my costumes, so she knows these measurements without thinking, which is kind of funny.)

I'm ordering an Orange one, and Postman Blue one.

Should I order larger? How do they fit? I'm also considering orderding the Long inseam for the extra material in the Orange.

Is the difference between a long and a regular JUST the length of the leg?

So, would a Orange 42 Long and a Postman Blue 42 Regular sound right? Or should I order a size or two larger?

thanks in advance for any advice.

the thing is, a 42 might fit you in the chest, BUT the arms would hang along with your crotch allowance if you're 5'8, not to mention your legs would be too long too. I am a 42 and most jumpsuits are made for a 42 for people 5"10-6feet from my experience. Perhaps a small would be better. I know that Anton's stuff runs big in the chest anyway so bear that in mind too.
Order your chest size and what ever inseam you need.
Order it too big and you'll be swimming in it.

If your going to use the orange for a X-wing pilot, you'll need two full suits for the needed pockets and such, your not going to get much extra material with the 2" extra inseam..

Same goes with the Postman blue if your doing Fett, you'll need two suits.

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