how did you weather yoru soft goods?


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I can't have my ESB fett all mint and pristine, that's definately not a fett. I've heard some used ink to dye their suits,etc, but would love some input from you guys!

Hmm, well I used an airbrush with fabric paints from Createx.
Rust and Flat Black used Burnt Charcoal for the vest.
I also use an airbrush with sandy colours, browns etc. I always use waterbased acrylic paints, they stick to fabric very well and are waterproof when dry (they dry almost instantly).
For my vest I took grey and black paterna paints and filled the sink with water and paint the just dunked the vest till I liked it. It gave it all over color while still being a little random.
I used dye to give Boba that "I waded through a swamp" look that most eveyone never does and neglects this detail to their suits.
I also used black, grey, and red brown paints misted all over to give it a dirty look.


The spats are the same color and material as the jumpsuit to give an idea on how much I weatherd it.

Big hint and tip and the most often thing people don't do enough...

If you can't see the weathering in photos, it is not done enough.

I don't know how many times I have seen people say on this board and others "It looks really more weatherd in person then it does in the pics."
If you can say that, then you havn't weatherd it enough and need to weather it some more.
This suit is nastly filthy.
Actually, I just got my weathered BobaMaker soft goods yesterday (he does incedible work BTW) which he weathered with brown paints as mentioned above. I wanted a slightly different, darker look, along with the "waded in a swamp look", so I misted flat black spray paint here and there on top of what he did.

The weathering doesn't show up as well in the pix, but this is what it ended up looking like (forgive the pose -- this is very much a work in progress):


I'm 99.9% satisfied. I might hit the bottoms with a little more paint later on.

What Lynn did with the dye just rocks though.

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