hoses location?


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I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I can't seem to figure out where the hoses from the gauntlets end up. Do boba's gauntlets have hoses? Does anyone have any pictures?

Help a noob.
It is the right place, but the thing you need to specify is which gauntlets you're taling about.

I am talking about boba's gauntlets. some pictures i have seen hoses coming out of the gauntlets (at least the right one) and some have no hoses... what is screen-accurate, and where do the hoses lead?
which boba gauntlets? Pre production ESB or ROTJ? I know that thr right gaunt on ESB and ROTJ has 3 on going to the top and two to the side. the left doesn't have any to my knowledge.
Pre-pro has one hose on the right and two that go into one on the left.

ESB has just the one I thought on the Right gaunt.

ROTJ has 3 on the right and none on the left.
They go up into his sleeves. The don't really go anywhere. Only on the pre-pro suit did they actually go anywhere. On the pre-pro suit the hoses on the left gauntlet ran into his backplate and then into his jet pack and did something on his gauntlets. Probally made the flamethrower extend and retract. Also on the pre-pro costume there is a small black wire running inside the hose.
I think it would be of great help to you to get a reference cd :D it has detailed images on most of bobas costumes. PrePro, ESB, Rotj, and even some SE images.

In some of the SE promo images there is a hoes duct taped to the left gauntlet rocket.
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