General Hoses/tubes/thermoplastic piping system of Boba SE Edition


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I really need some help.... its regarding the hoses of the gauntlets of the SE Edtion of B.F.

Has anyone some good close ups of the endings (where they start on the gloves and more important ... where do they end? It's really hard to get pics of that...).

Best regards and thank you in advance.


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What SE are you trying to do? For example I did promo shoot which has one hose on the left gauntlet running from the end of the missle to Underneath the back plate. Than, on the right gauntlet you only have one hose running from the top of the gauntlets to under the sleeve. RoTJ SE has all 3 hoses on the right gauntlet

The CRL is completed for the SE fett for both promo and RoTJ and the gallery is full of photos for the different fetts. These are great references.


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Thank you both for your replies. I ggot everything I was looking for.

@ Chris...
Exactly .. this difference between the promo shots and the Final RotJ SE Version was exactly bugging me. I didn#t know that this was just a "promo"-version. That was why I requestet more Info here...
Just for info... might you pass me a Pic from the single hose from the Missle and how you attached it to your costume, please?