Hose connectors....

Zam I Am

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I HATE to point things out like this...So everyone, PLEASE don't kill me... PLEASE... My friend's sis was in Austrailia and picked up some hose connectors for me like Cutest Sandgirl's.... And hers are actually what they used as opposed to Dallas' tap timers. If you zoom into the MOM pics, the 4 prongs are bigger and there are little circular inscriptions on the edge of the prong, just like Cutest's. The diameter of the hose connector also is a tad bigger than the timer one which allows the one inch hose to fit better. However, if you take apart the tap timer, and dremel out the rotating piece so that it is just about thick enuff to hold the hose, it might be able to fit the hose without having to glue a gray styrene ring to fit around the hose.
Scratch that...Zam I Ain't just did a test of fitting the 1" hose to the new connectors and hose fits perfectly without the styrene piece. The styrene would be just for decoration, and would still glue fine. Barely any assembly needed or dremeling like the taptimer connectors. Remember, don't throw darts at me...
Here's the Pic proof:
Real thing

Cutest's connector then, Dallas' taptimerconnector with the timer cut off:

Dustin Crops Boy

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Well... i tried :(

Like i said before - i went to MANY different stores while in Oz and the timers were the ONLY things i found... Without anything to compare it to - it sure looked like the real thing... and if i didn't get them - i would have regretted it and we may have never found the cutest ones!

I don't think using the timer ones compared to the cutest ones will make ANY discernible difference in the look of the costume AT ALL. Granted - if one had a choice - the cutest ones should be the one to choose - obviously... but still - the difference is SO minuscule.

Zam I Am

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Yeap, the look is a very minuscule difference. Just wanted to let people know though. And Dallas, you did good man. No, we wouldn't have found em withoutcha. And, we wouldn't have ANYTHING without those MOM pics ;)

Cutest Sandgirl

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Speaking of Hose Connectors, my friend and I were able to sort out the money issue (I was sending her moolah to get the connectors and she wasn't recieving it).... but that should all be worked out now... since she recieved it today! :D wahoo!

I'll update my thread. :)