Hollow Rangefinder


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I am looking for a place that I can purchase a hollowed out rangefinder to house electronics in. I looked at ebay and etsy, but all the rangefinder kits seem to be solid pieces. Does anyone know if there are hollowed out one that are for sale somewhere on the internet?


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There are a few options, depending on what electronics you want to put in it. If you are looking for a topper that won’t need to use a hollow stalk, hit up animefan, but I’m not positive he is still making them. There is another guy here that makes them, but I can’t remember his name other than it starts with a U. If you want to go a more accurate route, you will need a hollow stalk and a topper that can fit a kit that uses wires and the Honeywell switch.


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I recently got a Jango Fett Helmet, for the same purpose, where the faceplate and visor were broken .. but the rangefinder was intact. I was happy to find that it was mounted with the intention of it moving to a "Over the Eye" position. I paid $5 on facebook market place. I scour lots of places looking for low cost or free stuff. Apps such as Mercari and LetGo. Sites like Ebay and Craiglist. It may take a while for the item you want to pop up, but it will eventually surface.