hi from the UK


New Hunter
Hi I am a newbie here although i have been on the BBC, RPF & RPB for a while .Great forum thought i would just say a quick HI to you all from the UK :)

Have a ROTJ ESB EE-3 and a bucket and am currently collecting parts for an ESB version ..nearly there :lol:

see ya
Greetings Earthling.


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Howdy Tango'd Fett and welcome to TDH! Lookin' for some spare stuff? Check the Cargo Hold ... some real good stuff come up in there every now and then.

I'm a pilot, and in aviation, "tango" is phonetic for the letter 'T' ... are you a T'd Fett?????:lol:lol::lol: Ha ha ha ... just messin' around!
Thanks for the welcome guys ,sorry mandalore fett but Spurs till i die !!Hate man Utd though :D And as for the tango ,its a funny fizzy drink campaign thing here in the UK ,"you'll know when you've been tango'd " etc ....guess you would have to be here :) I will be sure to check the cargo hold too .

I was born in Barnet, Hertforshire around the London area and move to the States (San Diego, CA) 15 years ago. although I'm not a City fan like MandalorFett, I am a die hard Tottenham Hotspur supporter. always good to hear from another Brit. welcome brother!!

Ben. (y)
Welcome aboard! Well i'm from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and moved to Australia about 20 years ago... Not that I follow the football much now but it was Arsenal in a pretty big way back then.
Anyhow... You will find everything you need here on TDH and probably more....
Welcome to TDH. I'm a fellow Brit myself, but as with a few others here I'm no longer living there. The more UK Fetts the better as far as I'm concerned. Oh and I hate football. Just thought I'd mention that :)
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