help needed on ear details



I was wondering if someone could tell me how to do the details seen on the ear pieces. Im talking about the white U shaped thing and the black with white inside U shape. Thanks.


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Are you talking about the right ear decal of the ESB helmet??
Maybe you can find the set for both ear pieces in the Cargo Hold, I saw them a while back.

Or maybe you can get the template that is posted in the Ref CD and print them yourself. :)


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I used masking tape and an X-acto knife. I cut the shape of the U in the tape and stuck it on the ear piece.

Then I gave it a few light coats of spray-paint and let it dry in between coats.

This is how they look:


I could have done a better job of it, especially the white bit in the black U on the gold piece. Lucky for me this was juct practice and when I paint my next helmet I'll get it right. :D

Hope that helps.